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Integrated therapist and online CBT for depression in primary care


INTERACT is a 6-year NIHR Programme Grant (PGfAR) that is focused on developing and evaluating a new model of delivering psychological treatment (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) for adults with depression in UK primary care. The project brings together a large, multi-disciplinary team, including mental health academics and practitioners, HCI researchers, software engineers and end users. We aim to design, develop and evaluate new technologies that have the potential for wide-spread use within the NHS, especially among patients that are unable to attend traditional face-to-face therapy sessions. A core aim of the INTERACT project is to develop mobile-friendly technologies that support integrated treatments, incorporating flexible levels of both computer and human support.


The project has three main stages:

1. User-Centred Design and the development of the platform. This stage is currently underway.  You can contribute to our research by taking this anonymous survey exploring the use of technology to support mental wellbeing. We’re gathering design requirements for the platform that will allow patients and therapists to communicate online and hold regular sessions through a real-time chat interface, and will provide additional materials for the patients to explore between these therapy sessions. Later this year we will be running design workshops, interviews and usability testing sessions to evaluate our prototypes.

2. Full evaluation of the platform. After a fully functional platform is developed, next year we will be running a longitudinal evaluation study with primary care patients who will receive a full course of treatment using the platform. This will lead to further tweaks and improvements to the platform.

3. Randomised Controlled Trial. After the final refinements, a full RCT will be conducted to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of the platform.

Bristol Interaction Group is involved in the first two stages of the project.