Bristol Interaction Group

Peter Bennett

Research Assistant


Peter is post-doc currently working on both PhysiCAD, exploring how Lego can be used as an interface for CAD, and Pet Sounds, exploring the how miniature social musical compositions can be constructed. 

Over the summer of 2015, Peter was a full time resident of the Pervasive Media Studio, working on the Resonant Bits project. Previously he worked on the Tangible Memories project investigating how stories can be told in care homes with tangible interfaces. Prior to this he worked on the PATINA project, designing new technologies to support research. His research focuses on how tangible user interfaces can be used to represent and control time-based systems. 

His PhD, from Queen’s University Belfast, focused on time, tangible interfaces and the design of new musical instruments. His PhD research resulted in the design and development of the BeatBearing, a tangible music sequencer. Previously he studied for an MA in Design, and an MEng in Cybernetics.

More info can be found on Pete’s homepage: